Are your products handmade
All of Juddarnje's products are personally crafted by hand.  By doing this it allows us to ensure a high quality standard is maintained.  We also hand prepare many of the natural ingredients that are used eg. cucumber juice, fermented papaya juice and kelp water.  We pick and dry our lavender, rose and calendula flowers for our teas and hydrosols to incorporate into our creams and lotions.  When you buy a Juddarnje product you are NOT buying a mass produced generic product but one that is made with love and an emphasis on customer satisfaction. One that is safe and natural for the skin and environment.
Are your products made in Australia?
Yes definitely - our production factory is located on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and all our products are freshly made there. We are a certified member of the Australian Made Foundation. You can be confident when you buy from Juddarnje Skincare, you are buying an authentic 100% Australian Made product.

Is your business eco-friendly.
We believe so as our products do not harm the environment either in their production, use or disposal. We do use palm oil in our soaps but it is sourced from sustainable plantations thereby ensuring the habitat of orangatans are not decimated. Our soaps are completely biodegradable and safe for wastewater treatment systems. We use solar energy for our factory in production of our products. Our soap boxes are made from paper products, we package with paper and our freight boxes are made from cardboard. As an indigenous family business, caring for country is one of our first concerns.

What makes you an indigenous business.
We are a certified member of Supply Nation - a platform for Australian Indigenous businesses which are owned by more than 50% indigenous owners. As a family business, Juddarnje Skincare family members represent more than 80% of the ownership of our business and all of whom identify in the community as indigenous. Our family roots go back to the 1800's in the Bundjalung Nation of northern New South Wales. The Slockee family is well known throughout the Tweed and Gold Coast areas for their involvement in sporting clubs and community projects as well as historical advancement of the region.