About Us

Our family – the Slockee Family - have always been keenly aware of the Australian Bush and environment. 
Our love of the land and attachment to the Australian Bush stems from being part of one of Australia’s indigenous tribes, namely the Bundjalung tribe of Northern New South Wales. Living in harmony with ‘country’ for the First Australians required a knowledge of its nutritional and medicinal values and being traditional custodians, meant being keenly aware of ‘the footprints’ they left as they foraged and harvested foods and medicines. 
Having spent his formative years with people who respected and loved the Australian Bush, Michael knew bushtucker and botanicals could be used in various ways and Linda wanted to draw on their unique benefits to create natural and safe skin care products, instead of the synthetic and chemically based ones so readily available on the market. We set out to showcase what the Australian Indigenous people already knew - the environment will care for us - but in using nature, we must respect it and tread gently with what we use. 
Our journey started with a batch of original hand-made soap, and has since expanded to include creams, lotions and balms, all created with the same philosophy; 'keep it natural'. 
We choose to use the best ingredients nature has to offer including:
OILS: which mimic the skin’s natural sebum and are able to penetrate all three layers of the dermis. 
BOTANICALS: which help increase collagen and connective tissues of the skin, thereby improving elasticity. 
CLAYS: which increase blood circulation and open skin pores to facilitate cleansing, tightening and toning, while gently exfoliate and slough off dead skin cells. 
ESSENTIAL OILS: which purify and clarify, calm and soothe, and protect and inhibit bacterium growth on the skin.
Choosing ‘the way of nature’ is the best choice for your skin - the largest organ of the body.  All Juddarnje products are free from nasties such as sodium lauryl sulfates (SLS or SLES) propylene glycols and parabens. 
We, at Juddarnje, are proud to be an Australian Indigenous family business providing a safe, natural and gentle way to care for your skin – ENJOY!