What does Cucumber juice do for the skin?

What does Cucumber juice do for the skin?

Cucumber is a great 'food' not only for the body but for the skin as well. Cucumber has 90% water content and is considered a fat free food. Adding cucumber to the diet will help keep the skin looking healthy and glowing. Cucumbers are a source of several compounds that fight inflammation and aging. 

Hydration. Due to its high water content cucumber juice not only keeps the body hydrated but also the skin. Moisture is like the oxygen for your skin so cucumber juice keeps it supple and soft.

Dark Circles: All of us hate those dark circles or puffiness that form under our eyes. No amount of therapy and sleeping can make you get rid of it. An application of cucumber juice to the affected region for approximately 5 minutes will see a drastic reduction in those dark circles as cucumber has plenty of vitamin K, also an antioxidant, which fights dark circles under the eyes. Due to the high level of ascorbic acid, cucumber juice can decrease the fluid in those areas and reduce puffiness. 

Skin complexion Cucumber juice can help brighten skin's complexion as well. Dab on a small amount of cucumber juiceleave for 10-15 minutes and then rinse.  Cucumber juice contains Silica that heals damaged skin cells.  It also contains phytochemicals which cause the skin's collagen to tighten and thereby making the skin look younger.  Regular usage will lend your skin a better complexion.

Sunburn: Cucumber juice is a good remedy for sun burnt skin as its high water content is cooling and soothing to the affected areas

Face Freckles: Face freckles and dark spots can be annoying and unwanted.  A regular application of cucumber juice will reduce or lighten them due to vitamin A, or retinol, which helps control the skin's production of melanin.

Redness and Inflammation: One of the most annoying things about an acne and pimple breakout is the redness and inflammation that the skin suffers. It can also be painful sometimes. Cucumber juice will help to soothe the affected areas and also reduce inflammation. It acts as a cleanser by unclogging pores from deep inside to remove dirt, bacterial and excess oil from the pores.  The rich minerals and amino acids in cucumber helps to redevelop and rejuvenate damaged or troubled skin.

Cucumber is a natural food for our skin. Juddarnje includes cucumber juice in its Night Repair Cream and Soap Free Cleanser for the reasons above and have found the benefits to be profound. You would too. Come try!

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