The benefits of Honey on the Skin!

The benefits of Honey on the Skin!

A beautiful skin means a confident you. It appears that we are more often bogged down by how we appear then any other issue.  But skin conditions like pimples, acne, psoriasis or eczema can really lower our self-esteem. Whilst there is a plethora of skin products that promise to make your skin gorgeous and glow, there is just one outstanding ingredient that can really prove to a gift to you skin. That ingredient is honey. It's not hard to come across products that market honey as their hero ingredient or at least one of the active ones.  Even beauty experts swear by the benefits of honey. This sweet ingredient is a sure-shot skin saviour and more importantly, is cost effective and readily available.

Benefits of Honey
Honey is one of the most natural cleansers which exfoliates your skin. It removes the dead skin tissue, leaving your skin rejuvenated and glowing.  Cleansing your face with a honey based product regularly will help to keep your skin blemish free.

Honey has anti –bacterial properties which make it useful in the fight against the acne and pimples. Juddarnje uses their own native bush honey which outperforms Manuka honey when it comes to being anti-bacterial and wound healing.  It reduces the redness and inflammation that is caused by pimples and acne.

Blemish Free
People with stubborn scars have also reported a noticeable reduction in their scars after the usage of honey.

Honey is a humectant and in drawing moisture to the skin it acts as a natural moisturizer. It is particularly effective for dry skin but can be used on oily skin as well.

Helps in Anti-Ageing
Honey helps in slowing down the process of skin ageing and wrinkles or face lines can be delayed by regular applications of honey. Raw honey is excellent as a face mask.

Rejuvenate your skin by giving it a sweet delicious honey treatment. Juddarnje incorporates native bush honey in most of its products because of its outstanding benefit to the skin.

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