Skincare Mistakes!  Are there any? or things to avoid?

Skincare Mistakes! Are there any? or things to avoid?

No doubt you are trying to take care of your skin. Winter time is very challenging to say the least. On top of that, we see more and more skin issues from wearing face masks, washing hands and using hand sanitizers.

How do we get it right? You may have searched skin care routine for your skin type and are following those steps, but there could be a few skin care mistakes that you are still doing that may be harmful for your skin in the long run. Here is just a few.

1.  Cleansing too often

It is common belief that if you wash your face constantly, then it will reduce the severity of acne or treat an oily skin. Rather, cleansing for more than necessary strips off the natural oils from the face. Once the top layer of oil is stripped,  the skin will go into ‘damage control’ and start producing more oil.  Results?  - clogged pores, blackheads and even whiteheads.
Until and unless required, do not cleanse the face more than two times a day. After each cleanse,  apply a natural chemical free moisturiser.

2.  Rubbing delicate skin around your eyes.

Many people have the habit of rubbing or remove eye makeup by vigorously cleansing the delicate skin around the eyes. This area of the face surrounding the eyes needs to be treated gently.  Try this!  Take a cotton pad soaked in warm natural soapy water or a natural soap free cleanser and dab it with gentle pressure over the eye lids and under the eye area until all makeup is removed.
To apply an eye cream - do not rub. With a small amount on a finger tip, apply the cream by dabbing it over the cleansed area and slowly and in a soft circular motion, gently massage it around the eye area.

3.  Applying too much product.

If your skin is dry or showing signs of de-hydration, you may think that the more you apply, the better result!  An amount of moisturiser less than the size of a 5c coin is sufficient to moisturise the entire face. For body moisturisers, again start with a small amount depending on the area ie legs or arms or throat to be treated and wait to allow the lotion or cream to soak in.  Less is best.  More is just more - not better.  Your skin will not feel overwhelmed and it allows the pores to ‘breathe.’  If after 10-15 minutes a touch of the skin still feels a little dry, then apply a further small amount.  The skin should feel moist and soft to the touch and not oily or tacky.

4.  Sleeping with makeup on.

A big No No.  It is during night time that the skin breathes and rejuvenates itself. If you sleep with makeup on then it’s similar to wearing a jumper to bed.  You may feel stifled and perhaps claustrophobic.  Makeup will block the pores needed to keep the skin ‘breathing’. The skin regulates our body’s heat via the pores of the skin.

Taking just a few minutes a day either to moisturise or cleanse your skin will keep it looking healthy and vibrant.  You don’t need to apply lots of products - less is better but the main thing is - if your skin needs attention then a few minutes every day will keep you happy ‘in the skin you’re in!’

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