Our Hottest Summer for Decades!

Our Hottest Summer for Decades!

How did you survive the extremely hot humid weather? How did your skin re-act?

Summertime can be a challenging time for our skin - many of us work in air-conditioning but then need to be out and about in the heat after work or on the weekends. How do heat and humidity affect our skin and what can we do to help our skin cope better?

High temperatures can cause excess sebum production on the skin thus making the skin feel more oily. The pores of the skin open more in an attempt to cool us down - allowing allergens dirt and oil in. Breakouts, acne or heat rashes can be a problem so cleaning or clearing out the accumulation of oils and dirt is very important.

Washing the affected area even twice a day if possible will keep skin pores clean. Choosing a cleanser that will unclog the pores and not the other way around is imperative. Our Soap Free Cleanser contains cleansing castor and rice bran oils that are known to open and cleanse pores. It also contains witch hazel which is a natural astringent to close the pores afterward.

Follow up with a light moisture based moisturiser - a lightweight one the skin can absorb without clogging the pores. Our Wear All Day Moisturiser is ideal for this - so light and refreshing.

Bathing with a natural soap containing anti-bacterial essential oils will help clean out sweat trapped by dirt and dust. Many of our natural handmade soaps contain such oils - Australian Teatree Eucalyptus and Lemon Myrtle. Our soaps also contain Australian fruit nectars to slough off dead skin cells.

Keep your skin hydrated by applying a water-based lotion or cream, spritz with a water mist and drink lots of water.

Unfortunately, eczema too can flare up with hot weather. Our skin leaks/sweats moisture containing salts that can sting or irritate sensitive skin. Try to reduce perspiration or avoid exercise or situations which can cause excessive sweating.
Our Skin Harmony Cream can help both to create a moisture retaining barrier and sooth and calm any irritation from sweating.

Summer does present a challenge but you can care for your skin with natural products designed especially for your skin - cleansing toning hydrating soothing and moisturising.

Explore our website - you will find something just right for you!

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