Natural Skincare Industry - growth defies gravity

Natural Skincare Industry - growth defies gravity

Prior to now, our mothers and grandmothers had far less options to choose from regarding what skincare they used on their skin. They tended to stay with well-known and trusted companies they believed stood behind their promises to keep your skin looking younger. Products such as Ponds Cold Cream or Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for skincare or Pears Transparent Soap for cleansing were some of the more popular choices of the masses. At that time the skincare market catered to a small proportion of consumers  those viewed perhaps as the overly vain or image conscious.

The meteoric growth in the skincare industry today can be attributed in part to it being a journey of exploration for the discerning female or male willing to try several brands before finding one that suits them best. This younger generation is rejecting the big name brands and experimenting with localy made, artisanal and organic/natural based products.

In part the growth is driven by health and wellness lifestyles and a female or male who is knowledgeable about the hazards and dangers of chemicals, fillers and additives. Furthermore, there appears to be other factors such as a eco consciousness about using natural, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products,  a baby-boomer population with inevitable signs of ageing, mothers wanting natural and safe products for their babies and an ever growing mindset of men wanting to take better care of their skin.

As the ever expanding offering of new and exciting ingredients become readily available on the market, brands have begun to show a creative evolution in their product range. Natural based products have been found to have real skin benefits and are breaking new ground in the market. Through the use of the internet, finding these new products has brought the retail experience to our finger-tips, in the comfort of our own homes and accessible anytime for those with a busy lifestyle. Almost half of the skincare products purchased today are bought on-line or through an ecommerce platform. The internet has opened up the natural skincare market to the masses and now sales in this categeory click over continually 24x7.

With the constant flow of consumers seeking out natural and eco friendly skincare products, celebrities releasing their own spin on skincare products and existing brands trying to cover every niche in the market, the skincare industry will inevitably continue to grow and expand its offering especially online.

So what is the message to the consumer? be discerning and do your research. Firstly get to know which ingredients should be avoided, not only for your skin type but in general. Also read the label or accompanying product information before you buy. Any credible online retailer should list the ingredients and any warnings alongside the product description. Lastly do not be afraid to try new products. Loyalty to a brand is a thing of the past and with so many options available there is a product or number products out there that you will love even more than what you are currently using.

Skincare is not just face or hands or feet it's a holistic approach to care for the whole body and maintain a health conscious lifestyle but natural is always best.

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